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Business Reports
Statement prepared to present facts relating to Planning Coordinating Performance the general state of work in the organization It is the summary of managerial peformance

Defination Acc to Lesikar
"A Business reports is an orderly and objective communication of factual information that serves a business purpose"

Characteristics Orderly
: Carefully & Orderly Objective : Avoid human bias & seek truth

: All ways of transmitting Factual information : based on events , facts , records
Business Purpose
: Research, Scientist, doctors . Serves business purpose
Objectives & Purpose Enables preparation of various budgets Determine the requirement of personnel Quality of production Information regarding the market Knowledge of labour unrest Decline in sales

Importance & function Decision Making
systematic ,
reliable & useful information Performance evaluation Vehicle of communication Information of planning Information for controlling Helpful in coordinating Managing the changes : opinions of workers Qualities Accuracy : to ensure accuracy Check the facts Describe the events in concrete terms Record all the relevant facts Evidence for your conclusion Objectivity : free from personal feelings , A report based on hard facts not on opinions Precision :No vagueness No scope for misinterpretation No scope for misunderstanding Clearly defined purpose:Providing a revealing information Solving a problem Recommending measures to accomplish org. goals Audience Centered:Audience level of understanding Audience’s expectation & preferences Estimation of audience’s probable reaction Good Judgment:True facts & avoid incomplete Complete :objectives Facts Conclusions suggestion You attitude : reader friendly use of you & yours instead of I , am , mine Well organised Brief : not unnecessarily long & brevity not at cost of clearity
Classification On the basis of form of communication Oral report:(communication of an Impression & Observation) Written Report:(communication in written) On the basis of length Short Report : (for internal use ,formal & informal) Long Report : (comprehensive & Detailed , always formal) On the basis of degree of importance Formal report Informal reports
Formal & informal Reports
Formal report : These are written in accordance with an established procedure
Statutory reports prepared acc to procedure laid down by law
Non-Statutory reports not required under any lawInformal
Informal report: These are used generally for internal use & for dealing with routine issue Progress reports
Trip reports
Meeting minutes
On the basis of nature & frequency Routine Reports:(Daily , weekly , Monthly) Special Reports :(particular assignment)
On the basis of function Informative reports:(mere dissemination Of information Analytical reports : (makes Recommendation)
On the basis of no of persons involved Individual report : (report by branch Manager) Report by committee
On the basis ofsource Voluntary report :(own initiative) Authorized report : (superior Reqiurement) On the basis of target audience Internal report External report Internal report & External report Internal It is used within organization If this report is below 10 pages , then it is written as memo format External These are sent to outside parties It is in letter format if it is not long Planning of short report Format For brief external report ,use letter format including title or subject line For brief internal report use memo Single space in the text Double space between paragraph Use heading where helpful Include visual aid Opening For short routine memos use the subject line of the memo For all other short reports cover these topics Purpose, scope , restriction, sources& methods of research , conclusions & recomendations Body (Finding & Supporting details) Ending In informal reports summarize the findings at end Summarize the points in the same manner in the text Consider using list format Avoid introducing new material in Summary
Planning of long report Define the problem Keep notes Make a report outline Identify the reader and write to their level As you work ,check , change your outline As you work label your research paper Make a rough draft Revise your rough draft Compile & complete report Format of repot Prefatory part cover page title page letter of authorization letter of acceptance table of contents list of illustration 3 executive summary Text of the report Introduction Body Summary Conclusions Recommendations Notes Supplementary part Appendixes Bibliography Index
In business communication writing plays a very crucial role because written communication is a creative as well as critical activity

it depends upon proper palnning and hard work

A sitable business writting necessitate suitable information
Business writting namely , Letters , Reports & Memorandums

Business Letter
It is the means to maintain contacts iwht the external world including other business man , customers , govt.

Purpose of business letter
specvfic information to the reader
propose your idea
promote or advertise a product
promote or advertise yourself

Essentials of an effective business letter or Do's of Business Writting
You attitutde
orderly arranged
emphasize the positive attitude
use of strong words
use of familiar word

Dont's of Business Writting

resist the tendency to be formal
avoiding the old language of business
dont use rubber stamp
avoiing anger
avoid intimacy
avoiding humour

Writting an effective Business Letter or Planning a business letter

Determine the purpose
Audience analysis
establish facts
get to the point early
Recipient freindly language
creates a sample copy
use of active voice
use of parallel structure
edit for grammar , punctuation and spelling
final draft